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Breakthrough Firewalk Transformation Seminar
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This is for you if....

  • If you are someone who is currently feeling a call towards HEALING yourself or others in the world, but you are not sure of where to start

  • Haven't quite felt like "yourself" or you are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, or depression and can't quite "break free" from this feeling

  • If you are in a time of TRANSITION in life; new career or loss of one, loss of a loved one, or grieving the end of a long time partnership, recently moved to a new environment

  • Ready to start achieving goals, and stop feeling stuck or continual patterns of self sabotage

  • Want to be a part of a safe community of healers and overcomers

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What's To Expect....

Lori’s retreats and events offer a person a supportive environment to reflect and connect to a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship with Spirit.

As life moves forward change happens and transitions come and sometime we find ourselves “stuck” and not sure how to move forward.

Taking the time to observe one’s self and release traumas and hurts with the intention to understand, find blessings and move forward to allow the blessings and growth to happen is essential. People are then able to move forward in their life free from the heaviness of life’s challenges into more joy and happiness with a sense of purpose.

Lori designs all her events with the intention to help uncover the True Divine Essence more fully in each individual in a loving and supportive atmosphere uniquely blending both modern and ancient techniques to create a life changing and affirming experience. She uses many different styles of learning and growth opportunities and makes the retreat fun and exciting with amble space for the uniqueness of each person. Each retreat and event is fully customized to the group or individual (in the case of personal intensives).
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What's To Expect....

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible





  • HEAL


Course curriculum

Additional Bonuses!

Let's Grow Together... Forever...

  • Private Course Support Online Community

    You are not a part of a tribe of other souls that are fully committed to growth and healing, and honor the safe space with trust and integrity. Together we can do so much more than we can by isolating and implementing change and new processes all alone. Special discounts and first notice will be provided to members of this community.

  • One Follow Up Group Support and Training Calls

    This event kicks off with a powerful firewalk, however we understand that real and lasting change is a continuous, fluid process. Lori Hudspeth will meet with you during these live group session to continue "the work". This sessions will be recorded, if you are not available.

  • Change the world Together with our Exclusive Referral Partnership

    The Breakthrough Coaching International Academy provides several courses, events, retreats, and opportunities to grow, collaborate together with our community and students that have taken this course as a prerequisite.


  • Lori  Hudspeth

    Founder, Lead Trainer, Head Instructor

    Lori Hudspeth

    Lori Hudspeth is a seeker of wisdom and clarity, and a lifelong student of healing in methods both modern and traditional. She is the founder of Breakthrough Coaching International and Breakthrough Coaching International Academy. Lori is one of less than 10 Master Firewalking Instructors in the world. She regularly conducts breakthrough firewalk seminars, retreats, and workshops around the world to help people identify what is holding them back in life, break through old patterns that no longer serve them and boldly move forward with purpose and clarity. As a Master Firewalking instructor, Shaman, Life Coach, Hypnotist, and Minister, she has helped thousands of people release limiting subsconcious beliefs, and achieve exceptional life, business, and deep spiritual goals and milestones. In her academy, she teaches teaches and trains new firewalk instructors in modern day experiential breakthroughs and ancient and modern Shamanic and energy healing practices to clear traumas, past life contracts, soul retrieval, cord cutting. Lori and her work has been featured on ABC and more recently on House Hunters (HGTV). Lori Hudspeth is a seeker of wisdom and clarity, and a lifelong student of healing in methods both modern and traditional. In her practice, she blends cognitive awareness, intuition, and energy work with traditional and ancient practices such as journeying and chakra cleansing. Channeling personal gifts of compassion, intuition, candor, and humor, she enables a unique and powerful space for others to discover their true purpose and direction. Lori acheived Master Firewalking Instructor certification with the Firewalking Institute of research and education in 2012 and has led firewalks in the U.S and abroad. She studied the ancient wisdom and healing ways of ancient Peruvian Shamanism, subtle energy medicine and is a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practicioner, a Board certified life coach, certified hypnotist and metaphysical minister. She vigorously sought out knowledge and wisdom, leading to profound personal growth. Slowly and deliberately she earned her reputation as a powerful healer. Lori conducts remote and in person healing sessions. Customizes her workshops and retreats for her clients. She loves to help others evolve into their highest potential.

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1 Ticket for One EZ Payment of $97

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Day 2-3: September 29th & 30th (ends around noon on Sunday) (Note: The firewalk, lunch and dinner on Saturday, Sept 29th is included for all who are registered for the full 3 day intensive)

  • $197.00

    $197.00Energetic Protection & Awareness Level 1- Module 1

    Energy is everywhere and in everything. Your own energy field contains the entire blueprint for your current life and past life and is infinite. Beginning to learn to navigate and upgrade your luminous field, healing traumas and dancing between the visible and invisible worlds brings healing to yourself and the world.
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