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Do you want to shrink or rise up?

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What happens when you have a dream? How do you overcome fear? Are you living the life or your dreams or a nightmare? Our firewalking seminar and all our workshops teach you how to face fear and stress, not avoid it. Avoiding it makes it worse and can create sadness, depression and loss of your dream coming true. We have a seminars and retreats throughout the year: Breakthrough Warrior for women only Sept 20-27 in Northern New Mexico Join us or book us to support your organization by contacting Johnese: to learn more
Do you want to shrink or rise up?

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Life is a series of daily breakthroughs. This is a group for inspiration and support to help each other live a life full of passion, purpose and connection to the Divine. Led by Lori Hudspeth, Shaman, Master Firewalking Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Minister and Founder of Breakthrough Coaching International

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Our Founder

  • Lori  Hudspeth

    Founder, Lead Trainer, Head Instructor

    Lori Hudspeth

    Lori Hudspeth is a seeker of wisdom and clarity, and a lifelong student of healing in methods both modern and traditional. She is the founder of Breakthrough Coaching International and Breakthrough Coaching International Academy. Lori is one of less than 10 Master Firewalking Instructors in the world. She regularly conducts breakthrough firewalk seminars, retreats, and workshops around the world to help people identify what is holding them back in life, break through old patterns that no longer serve them and boldly move forward with purpose and clarity. As a Master Firewalking instructor, Shaman, Life Coach, Hypnotist, and Minister, she has helped thousands of people release limiting subsconcious beliefs, and achieve exceptional life, business, and deep spiritual goals and milestones. In her academy, she teaches teaches and trains new firewalk instructors in modern day experiential breakthroughs and ancient and modern Shamanic and energy healing practices to clear traumas, past life contracts, soul retrieval, cord cutting. Lori and her work has been featured on ABC and more recently on House Hunters (HGTV). Lori Hudspeth is a seeker of wisdom and clarity, and a lifelong student of healing in methods both modern and traditional. In her practice, she blends cognitive awareness, intuition, and energy work with traditional and ancient practices such as journeying and chakra cleansing. Channeling personal gifts of compassion, intuition, candor, and humor, she enables a unique and powerful space for others to discover their true purpose and direction. Lori acheived Master Firewalking Instructor certification with the Firewalking Institute of research and education in 2012 and has led firewalks in the U.S and abroad. She studied the ancient wisdom and healing ways of ancient Peruvian Shamanism, subtle energy medicine and is a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practicioner, a Board certified life coach, certified hypnotist and metaphysical minister. She vigorously sought out knowledge and wisdom, leading to profound personal growth. Slowly and deliberately she earned her reputation as a powerful healer. Lori conducts remote and in person healing sessions. Customizes her workshops and retreats for her clients. She loves to help others evolve into their highest potential.
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Perhaps it has taken way too long to see your breakthrough. Let's start over together. Our team is FULLY Committed to supporting the "Breakthrough Warrior" through seminars, workshops, personal coaching, and courses. We have customizable programs and a suite of highly effective and proven team building activities for all organizations. Let us know how we can support you and your team today!